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Help A Kid With Your Bid!

Hello Friends!

A little over  year ago, I was involved with a company that had a global vision to help children in need. This vision has always been something near and dear to my heart, and for the first time in the home business industry I was able to merge my passion for helping people to build an income from home and also help abused and neglected children. I continue to support children who have been abused and neglected, however, as of April 1, 2013 I am no longer part of this home business company that reportedly was trying to help these kids. Without getting into too many details, I could no longer endorse this company as their actions did not support their primary mission. Simply stated the business model did not work, their management team did not live up to their expectations, and there were too many unanswered questions on how they were supporting children’s charities as reported.

I believe that helping children in need is a noble cause, and I encourage anyone and everyone to support abused and neglected children around the world. There are many worthy organizations around the globe who are deserving of your support and I encourage you to connect with one that you feel worthy of your time and money. That said, if you are currently involved with my past company, I wish you success in any and all endeavors. I am unable to provide you with direct support to be successful in that company or provide you with any direct insights on what to do with the opportunity or how to proceed in supporting their efforts.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with me about opportunities I am involved with and how to beset build a successful home business, I ask that you click this link, complete the form, and I will be in contact with you to discuss some options that have proven to be successful…. and you will generate income and have the financial means to support children’s charities.

For those who are looking for support to be successful in business, direct sales, mlm, traditional home business, small business, or other, I am in the process of developing a platform to help you and your team to do just that. This will not be a company specific platform, it will be generic in nature, and provide many tools and resources to help ANYONE generate success that they seek. I will be updating my contacts with information as it is developed so if you are not connected to me, I encourage you to add your name and email address to the form above, connect with me on FB and stay tuned for more information. This is something you will enjoy, and if you have participated in my past trainings, calls, and webinars, you will not be disappointed.